Our Mission

Our mission is to protect children, youth and women in vulnerable conditions through…… Read More

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Our Vision

Our vision to bring long-lasting and positive change to the lives of vulnerable children through empowering, encouraging and equipping them together with their parents, to develop essential life skills and ultimately become self-sufficient

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Shaping the Future

‘We care. We love. We serve. We educate’

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About Precious Stones Foundation

All evidence shows that the environment and the way in which a child is brought up contributes a lot to the kind of adults they will be. That quality early childhood care gives children a head-start in life, improves their well being and contributes to a happy childhood, producing well developed adults.

Having served as a social worker for some years moving around in several communities, and having realised a serious need for early childhood intervention in Rwanda; I decided to invest all my little salary and savings into establishing a childcare facility where children can be loved, safe, taken good care of and trained in the ways they should go as the Word of God commands us in Proverbs 22:6. After opening up the facility, I realized that the need was so huge and I could not shoulder it alone! Under what I called the ‘Matthew 25:31 Campaign’, I started sharing with family and friends, soliciting for support- encouraging them to be part of what God put on my heart for the vulnerable children and families living in poverty. At the moment, our activities and programs are run on privately sourced funds from friends and well-wishers, and we have so far yielded great results – seeing transformation in the lives of children and families that we have worked with!
The name ‘Precious Stones‘ We all know that even in dirt, there are good things. Most of the beautiful precious minerals/stones are mined from dirt. But it’s the refinement, purification and molding processes that turn them into beautiful, valuable jewels/gems that we buy expensively! In the same way, behind the poor, needy, dirty, sick-looking children are the future CEOs, doctors, teachers, ministers, presidents, etc. It’s our responsibility as the adult population to pick them from where circumstances have thrown them, nurture them and mould them into what God created them to be – His precious, treasured possessions.
Our mission is to foster hope and enrich lives of vulnerable children and families living in poverty through providing basic needs and empowerment through skills training programs.
“Together, we can all make the world a better place.”



From 0 – 48 Months




From 4 – 6 Years Old






A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body


It Takes a Vilage

The Matthew 25:31 Campaign

To us every human being is valued and loved. Under this program, we reach out with material needs and emotional support to the needy: the orphans,  the poor, the sick, the disabled, the widows, the displaced or homeless, the old, and those in any other kind of need. Our aim is to show them that they also matter and for them to know that someone somewhere cares about them.


Whatever we do, we do it with care and good sense

What we promise is what we deliver, and we can be counted on

Whatever we do, we give it our best to produce the best results

Kindness and concern are at the core of all our relationships and services.

Our desire to remain original drives us to be creative and with new ideas at all times.

We are open and receptive to new ideas and criticism for better performance.

We are entirely committed to the cause of children.

We keep it simple so everyone may fit in.